Pay for LTFT Trainees

Salaries for LTFT trainees are determined according to Equitable pay for flexible medical training.

As for full-time trainees, LTFT trainees receive a basic salary plus a supplement for out-of-hours duties. The LTFT basic salary is determined by the actual hours worked and is divided into five bands, F5-F9, that correspond to the proportion of the equivalent full-time basic salary.

Added to the basic salary is a banding supplement to reflect the intensity of the post. There are three banding groups, with FA being for trainees working at the highest intensity and at the most unsocial times. Most anaesthetic posts are either FA or FB.

In the trainee example, 434 hours averaged over 13 weeks gives a weekly total of 33.4 hours/week, making the post band F8.

Importantly it is the percentage you work (in respect to a full time rota) that counts towards your CCT, not the pay banding. In the example, the trainee is working 70% whole time equivalent, so their training time will be calculated at 70% even though they are being paid a band F8.

Hospital trusts have the right to decide the number of hours they employ you for however your pay should reflect the hours that you work. The pay bands are 36-40 hours/week: 90% of full time (FT) salary, 32-36 hours/week: 80% of FT salary, 28-32 hours/week: 70% of FT salary.

Resolving issues around pay

It is vital to get the Flexible Training Approval Forms signed before you start a placement so that any pay issues can be addressed before hand. If there are any difficulties inform your TPD and LTFT consultant lead who will be able to advise you.

If you have begun a placement and find that you are working more hours that contractually agreed inform all relevant people, including TPDs, and BMA if you are a member.